Experience Raindrop Technique with Essential Oils

New in Jersey! So much more than just a massage!



Raindrop Technique is a powerful technique using Essential Oils that was developed by D.Gary Young in the 1980s. It combines several holistic modalities to bring balance and alignment to the body in a non-invasive manner. Its also stimulates all the body systems on a physical and emotionally level.


Raindrop Technique derives its name from the Art of dripping unadulterated therapeutic-grade Essential Oils onto the body from a height(like rain), so that the Oils interact with the physical body as well as the energy field.

Because the Essential Oils easily penetrate the skin and muscles, the technique works on deep levels of the body without requiring hard pressure or force, and will purify and cleanse the body and spirit.


Imagine the sensation of sinking into deep and blissful state of rest, as someone does the ancient Tibetan version of reflexology on your feet. The 1 hour cession is very relaxing and comforting as it feels like simulating rain drops on your spine.

As you slowly(even reluctantly) come back to your body and roll over, you experience the gentle splashes as the therapeutic grade Essential Oils are applied up your spine and to your tired muscles. These Oils are then "feathered in" using a spine-tingling technique inspired by the Native Americans Indian, combined with massage.


You can't get more pampered than this!


What are the Benefits of Raindrop Technique?


  • Balance and Re-align the Energy Centres of the Body -The combination of techniques(Aromatherapy, Vita Flex Technique, Feather Stroking) brings electrical and structural alignment to the body. The Essential Oils  blend of valour helps the body align and is often referred to as "chiropractor in the bottle".
  • Non-Manipulative Technique - No manipulation as in chiropractic is performed. The Oils help support the body to come back into balance by opening energy flow throughout the body.
  • Reduce Stress and Minor Anxiety - Not only can the Oils enhance positive emotions such as joy and happiness, but they can also help us release negative emotions that are subconsciously stored on a cellular level. 
  • Help Detox the Body System - The Oils being high in phenols cleanse cellular receptor sites and enhance the lymphatic system detox of the body.
  • Ease Muscle, Bone and Join Discomfort - Muscles that ere sore, spastic or stressed will also benefit. Basil, Wintergreen, Marjoram, Cypress and Peppermint essential oils reduce tension in muscles. Wintergreen support healthy bones structure.
  • Improve Immune System Functions - Thyme and Oregano Essential Oils support the immune system; and aid in the release of toxins in the body. This will contribute positively to your overall health and well being.
  • Increase in Height - Yes, most people experience a slight increase in their height! We have seen changes from half to one inch! This is due to the realignment of the spine and detoxification along the spinal column.
  • Emotional Well Being and Release - Essential Oils cross the blood-brain barrier and effect the limbic system where emotions are stored in the "brain emotional computer".
  • Aid the Body's Natural Response to Irrigation and Injury - Thyme and Oregano support the immune, respiratory, nervous, and other body systems. They are strong antioxidants. 



What Essential Oils are used in the Raindrop Technique?


They are the Oils that are used in Raindrop Technique!

You can learn more about the oils on Google Search and see some of the other benefits of using these fantastic Oils.

  • Thyme Essential Oil - For respiratory and digestive troubles, it's one of the oldest plants on record. Best known for its antiseptic properties. It's a powerful liver detoxifier, immune system stimulant and antimicrobial.
  • Basil Essential Oil - People inhaled the powdered leaves for migraines and chest. It's a natural relaxer that can also tone your muscles with frequent use. Today its best know for its antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Wintergreen Essential Oil - Strong and cooling aroma, it is the only plants in the world  who contains 85/99% of methyl salicylate, same component of aspirin. These Oils have  cortisone-like effects that can relieve pain quickly. It's considering as the best oils for pain before synthetics were made in the early 1920.
  • Marjoram Essential Oil - This Essential Oil relaxes and smoothes the muscles groups, and the nervous and cardiovascular systems of the body. Remember, muscles also include the colon, diaphragm and the heart. We forgot because they work on their own, but sometimes they still need our attention!
  • Cypress Essential Oil - This Essential Oil was used for centuries to alleviate menstrual problems because of its ability to circulate and regulate blood flow. It is used to decongest and detox the lymphatic system, reduce water retention and cellulite and relax muscles.
  • Peppermint Essential Oil -This Essential Oil can increase your concentrate and curb your appetite! It is used for many physical and emotional benefits: Anti-inflammatory, Antiviral, Anti-tumoral, Antibacterial, Pain reliever, Analgesic, Antipasmodic, Anticarcinogenic and digestive stimulant!
  • Oregano Essential Oil - The benefits of Oregano Essential Oil go way beyond cooking! It's antiviral, antibacterial and immune stimulating properties make it highly effective for many pathogenic infections. It cleanses receptor sites and combats free radicals as well.
  • Valor Essential Oil Blend - Its Essential Oil is often referred to as "Chiropractor in the bottle". It has been given that nick name because it aligns our physical, mental and emotional bodies electrically in the body.The smell is very soothing and calming!
  • AromaSiez Essential Oil blend - Perfect Essential Oil for muscles spasms and more! It's an excellent blend for muscles and headaches. It promotes circulation and detoxification of the lymphatic system as well. They are five different oils in the blend: Basil, Marjoram, Lavender, Peppermint and Cypress. The aromatic affect on the mind is invigorating yet calming.
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