Experienced Psychic Tarot Card Reader with Claire

Claire is a passionate and naturally gifted intuitive Lady who has been interpreting the Tarot for some 18 years now.

She offers a friendly, caring and compassionate reading which will always concentrate on the positive giving motivation.

Claire's incredible journey has taken many  twists and turns over many years and this is why she is so engrossed with Tarot.

She has always been aware that she is a gift person with a very special talent.


At first it was just for fun and for helping those close to her, but as time passed and she grew in confidence, she started to help general public and her clients.

As a Taurean, she has a deep skill of precognition and this gift of being able to see things before they happen. The Tarot Card holds no boundaries.


Few things concerning Claire?..

She is a psychic Tarot reader and spiritual advisor.

She uses Angel Tarot Cards and playing cards to help confirm what her physche gives her.

She will be guided in a  non-judgemental way.

She can guide you through your journey in life.

She can help you find the answer to the ifs and buts.

She can deal with all areas of concern.

She is honest, truthful and provides excellent validations.

She is empathic, caring and a spiritual councillor.

She practices meditation daily to keep these gifts and skills sharp and alert.

She offers reasonable prices.


Being in Jersey means that you have to be very discreet and confidential, and this is why Claire is still working from her Beauty Room at Baoli.

Nobody knows that you are having  a Tarot Cards reading consultation!

You are in a relaxing environment and are happy to be supported and assisted  in your past, present and future.



Angel Tarot Cards


Many mediums and psychics believe these insights are messages from the Angel themself, or from spirit guides who have angelic connections.

Angel Cards are a specially designed deck of cards which are decorated with elaborate and beautiful images of Angels in various scenes.

Unlike some Tarot cards reading, Angel Cards focus on positive messages of support, love and kindness for the recipient.

The insights gained during Angel Card reading leave many of her customers feeling uplifted and filled with warm thoughts.

Tarot Reading Price:           Contact Claire directly:

- 30 min. £30.00                 - 077977 48 115

- 1 hour £50.00                   Salon:  758 144




Contact us on:

Tel: 00 44 (0) 1534

758 144

614 770


077 977 54 303


Opening Hours: 

Tuesday, Thursday 10h00 to 20h00

Wednesday 10h00 to 19h00

Friday 09h00 to 18h00

Saturday 09h00 to 17h00


Closed Monday & Sunday


 Find us:

Free car park available


Claire is a passionate and naturally gifted

Psychic Tarot Reader.

She has more that 18 years experience and will be happy to guide you through clarity and compassion for your journey in life..

She is discreet, confidential and provides excellent validations.

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